Flying Monkey Gun Works is a firearms repair and FFL business located in Wamego, KS.

I’m honored to provide armory services for the Wamego Police Department. I’m also a competitive handgun shooter and Safety Officer in the IDPA.

I specialize in defensive oriented modern firearms. I’m a certified armorer for AR-pattern rifles (including select fire) and Glock pistols. I have a working experience with most striker-fired pistol platforms and modern shotguns as well.

My background and focus is on firearms for defensive or competitive purposes. My skills are at your service; to bring your firearms up to reliable working order, and to customize them to your preferences.



Recent Reviews:

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The breach on our gun wouldn’t open. We went to 3 gunsmiths in the area over many months trying to find someone who could open it for us, but they all wanted us to ship it to the manufacturer. But no shipping company would deliver a gun whose breach wasn’t clear. We found Jim and he had it fixed in a few short days.

I’m not in the Manhattan area often but do come up for a 3 gun every now and then with my buddy. Knowing we had a shoot coming up and that I wanted work done to my new shotgun my buddy sent me to see Jim. Outstanding service, pricing and sourcing top quality parts. If you need work done in North -Central Kansas call Flying Monkey. You won’t be disappointed.

I recently did some business with Jim.  I had some minor gunsmithing done as well as made a purchase.  His work was nicely done & quick & prices VERY competitive in the work & in the purchase.  I look to steer more business of my own & friends to him & would highly recommend him.

Standard Services

  • Firearms transfers
  • Handgun
    • Cleaning and inspection
    • Sight replacement
    • Trigger work
  • Shotgun
    • Magazine installation
    • Sidesaddle installation
    • Drill and tap for sight and rails
    • Upgrade stock and forend
  • AR Rifles
    • There are a lot of options, and I’m forming relationships with some really cool vendors
    • Let me work with you to upgrade that basic AR. Whether you need a fast-shooting 3-gun rig, or a tack driving varmit killer, if you can dream it, it can be done.
  • Other work
    • Give me a call!